BA Games Art and Design
Norwich University of the Arts

I remember seeing Glen Keane's model sheets for Little Mermaid when I was first moved to the UK back in 2007. The annotations and descriptions were as beautiful as his gestural marks. At that moment I knew wanted I want to be. For me, films are not just something to see; much like games, they are experiences. My aim in life is to make people feel the way I feel when I watch my favourite films. A rollercoaster of emotions that everyone can associate with their own personal lives. I specialise in character design and development. I want to create believable characters with feelings and personality as complex as yours and mine.

Food is also another passion of mine that is recently showing in my artwork. There is something special about food(not just how awesome they taste), and I love the fact that they bring people together as a universal bonding agent. 

If I am not drawing, eating, or burning off those calories, I can be found listening to true crime podcasts. I have always had a weakness for the horror genre and a long fan of true crime literature and media. 

Thank you for visiting my website and hope to hear from you!